I can’t say enough about how Shauna has helped me through the years. I first started seeing Shauna several years ago for issues with insomnia and lack of energy. My insomnia had been a problem for as long as I could remember and as a result of years of never getting enough sleep, my energy levels began to really slip. I finally went to see Shauna and was so impressed with how much information she collected about every aspect of my life. After the first acupuncture session, I went straight home and felt very, very relaxed. I slept through the night without waking one time. Between the dietary changes and acupuncture, I was sleeping 8 hours each night without interruption and my energy levels went through the roof. A few years later, my husband and I decided to try and get pregnant. After trying for a year without success, I went to see Shauna. I was pregnant by month two with our beautiful baby girl. I also went to see her throughout my pregnancy and my delivery was incredibly easy. I can’t recommend Shauna enough. She has done wonders for my entire family, including getting rid of my mother’s chronic headaches from chemo treatments. My husband and I are going to try to have another child and my first step to prepare will be a visit to see Shauna!
— J.P.
I was trying to get my cycles in gear to get pregnant after years of birth control. A friend suggested Shauna. I admit I can be a bit of a skeptic, but Shauna is such a relaxed professional that I felt comfortable and confident in her hands. It was my first experience with acupuncture, so I was nervous, but I was put at ease quickly with Shauna’s ability to talk me through it. The session was very relaxing! She also sent me home with great advice on supplements and dietary changes to help me achieve my goal. It worked! We are expecting a baby girl this July.
— S.G.
Shauna has helped me over the years with digestive issues, stress reduction and reproductive health. She is a skilled practitioner, who clearly has many years of experience working in natural health care. She makes me feel well taken care of and I always feel better after sessions with her. I have been able to overcome my main health challenges through working with Shauna. She is absolutely excellent and wonderful. I highly recommend her work.
— J.J.

I love Golden Door Wellness! Shauna is amazing and has done wonders with helping relieve my stress and anxiety. I highly recommend!
— j.o.

My daughter plays travel soccer and during a game she suffered a terrible knee sprain. After a month of sitting out of the game and no improvement I called Shauna. She was great! She thoroughly examined her knee injury and showed us that the pain was being caused by the strained IT band. After our first session of acupuncture, and my daughter following Shauna’s instructions for regular stretching, we saw improvement. I never had an experience with acupuncture until now and it was great! Shauna will take time to work through your injury with you, I HIGHLY recommend her!
— E.S.