Acupuncture is a medical system that not only treats the signs and symptoms of diseases, but also focuses on treating the cause of the disorder. Chinese Medicine looks at the body as a whole not piece by piece to truly heal from the inside out. Receiving acupuncture is like going to your general practitioner. It is a necessary part of your health care, that is meant to maintain your wellbeing, but it is also a very effective form of medicine to help you heal. Like a general practitioner we treat a myriad of ailments and diseases. 

Wellness Coaching





A Wellness Coach helps you get back on track, if you’ve fallen off, or to help address specific health concerns with nutritional, supplemental /herbal, and general lifestyle recommendations.


20 MINUTES $40

Cupping is a non-invasive treatment that uses either plastic or glass cups that are placed on the skin by creating a suction.

The suction increases blood flow to the area, which helps to relieve pain, stimulate the peripheral nervous system and can help pull out toxins that can linger in the bodies tissues. It is great for muscle tension, headaches, and to relieve asthma.

Gua Sha

10 MINUTES $25 

Gua Sha is similar to cupping but uses a scraping motion to increase blood flow and clear toxins.

It is also amazing at kicking out cold and flu with-in the first 24 hours of feeling sick. According to Chinese Medicine, by regularly clearing toxins from the body, external pathogens are prevented from establishing a foothold, thereby reducing the likelihood of a serious illness from arising.

Detox Treatment


Choose from a 3 Treatment Package ($325) or 5 Treatment Package ($475).

Golden Door Wellness likes to set its self apart and make sure you are getting complete holistic care. Thats why we are excited to introduce The Golden Door Wellness Detox. It consists of dry brushing to help stimulate the lymph system and rid your body of old skin cells so that your skin can more efficiently rid itself of toxins. Did you know that the body rids most of its toxins through the skin, so lets makes sure that it can as efficiently as possible. After that you will have a cupping treatment which helps to pull toxins up and out of the body and finally a few acupuncture needles to help your body to flush out all of those toxins that we pulled up from the deeper levels with the cupping. As a bonus you will also be given a printout of detox recipes to be consuming during your detox, from the amazing Lisa Kristofek a Certified Holistic Nutritionalist of Fresh Squeeze (

This is a lovely way to reboot your system if you've been feeling sluggish or are looking to restart on a healthy path. The 3 treatment package it is recommended to be used within 2 weeks. The 5 treatment package it is recommended to be used within 3 weeks.


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