Holistic Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching

We all mean to make good healthy choices but sometimes the information out there seems like too much or we would love to take better care of ourselves, but who has time with all of our crazy schedules. A Wellness Coach helps you get back on track, if you’ve fallen off, or to help address specific health concerns with nutritional, supplemental / herbal, and general lifestyle recommendations.

My job is not to put you on a diet or to expect you to only be eating fruits, veggies and lean protein all day (although how great would that be if we all had that will-power), but to help you choose this instead of that and to help you see that making healthy choices is not as hard as you think once you have the tools.

What to Expect

These are just some of the things that people experience when they get their health back on track with our program:

    • Imagine feeling like you finally have control over your food and lifestyle choices. 

    • Imagine turning those cleanses and diets you do for a few weeks here and there into a permanent part of your routine. 

    • Imagine having the energy that you wish you had.

    • Imagine losing that weight that seems to refuse to budge. 

    • Imagine finally getting that good night sleep that you haven’t had for months.

    • Imagine just feeling overall healthy and having people comment on how you seem to be glowing and happy.

Why Work with Me

I received a dual Masters Degree in Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2009 from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. During my 4 year program, I completed over 3,000 hours of study, which focused highly on nutrition, herbal and supplemental recommendations and ways to truly improve your health from the inside out. After becoming a nationally board certified practitioner, and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for the past decade I realized that what I do is so much more than acupuncture. I guide them through every aspect of their life because if we don’t look at nutrition, supplements, exercise routines and general ways of stress relief then the acupuncture can only heal so much.

My passion is nutrition because every reaction in your body starts with the foods we eat but my goal is to always cater to each client because not everyone is the same. I work closely with you to figure out exactly what seem like realistic goals that you can actually maintain and to help you turn those goals into habits.


All sessions for our Holistic Wellness Coaching start with a complimentary 15 minute consultation. This consultation allows us to discuss which plan works for you best and ensures that our program will be a good fit for you. Each package begins with the DISCOVERY SESSION, so we know what you are looking to address.

All sessions can be done in person, phone or via Skype/Facetime.

All sessions can be extended if you decide that you need a little longer to keep up the good work and are on the path of truly making a lifestyle switch and not just dieting.

All of these treatments can be combined with acupuncture, if you are local, for an additional price, which I highly recommend.


This is a one time session where we discuss any main health concerns you have right now. This is a session if you essentially are feeling ok but you just need that little reminder on how to get back on track. 

This session looks at and helps with: 

  • Health concerns

  • Your goals

  • Dietary recommendations

  • Any supplements or herbs you may want to take to help facilitate your goals

  • Any exercise routines or goals that will help to facilitate your goals

  • Any stress relieving techniques to help facilitate your goals 

BOOST SESSION (1 Month) $225

This is for people who need a little more guidance and recipe advice as well needing someone to help them truly maintain their goals. This is a good package for someone who knows what they are looking to change and know that they can do a big shift relatively quickly.

This package consists of:

  • 1 hour initial DISCOVERY SESSION

  • Recipe recommendations that are specific to your needs and health issues

  • Weekly 30 minute check in sessions to address what has changed and what hasn’t as well as addressing any hurdles

  • Unlimited email support

NEW YOU SESSION (3 Months) $550

This is for someone who is done with dieting and cleanses and knows that they need to start all over or for someone who has some health issues that may take a little time to overcome. This is also good for someone who does better making changes over time and not just a big shift right away.

This package consists of:

  • 1 hour initial DISCOVERY SESSION

  • Recipe recommendations that are specific to your needs and health issues

  • Weekly 30 minute check in sessions to address what has changed and what hasn’t as well as addressing any hurdles

  • New recipes, supplemental, exercise and lifestyle recommendations as we see changes that have or have not changed.

  • Unlimited email support

Ready to make a commitment to yourself or just want to learn more? Call or email to set up your 15 minute consultation.


Wellness Coaching:


  • BOOST SESSION - $225

  • NEW YOU SESSION - $550